Craft Saturation and Acceleration



Last week we sent our completed 2017 VMAP (Valley Membership Achievement Project) in to the Supreme Council.
To help you better understand what VMAP is, we have included a copy of our completed 2017 VMAP, and a copy of the 2018 VMAP we will work on throughout this year.
If you will take a few minutes to review last year’s submission I think you will find that many items it contains are things we already do and steps we already take.
You will also find that there are many things that would be so easy to do especially when you have a list to reference.
We need everyone’s input and suggestions about how we can use the 2018 VMAP to guide our effort and activities this year.
Talk with your Brothers and all four of the Scottish Rite body officers about how you can help with your ideas and efforts.
Come by the office and visit too and let’s help make our focused efforts more effective with Working Tools like the VMAP.
Attached are the completed 2017 VMAP and the blank VMAP for 2018 for your reference.

Rev. Wesley H. Wingfield 32º KCCH
Executive Secretary
Kansas City Scottish Rite
1330 E. Linwood Blvd.
Kansas City, MO  64109




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